Market Research Survey

During the fall of 2011, we distributed a survey to students and administrators within the field of community service and service-learning in order to get a better understanding about awareness, barriers to participation, and desired benefits from the conference. Thank you to those of you who participated in our survey.

We thought that some of you might be interested to read the results, so we’ve posted them online. Click here to review the survey results.

Spreadsheet of results (with some compilations)


41% have never attended an IMPACT Conference.
63% never attended an Idealist or COOL Conference.
65% did not attend 2011.
#1 reason for not attending was finances (47%)
#2 reason for not attending: Did not know about the conference (29%)
Q5 Forms of civic engagement most interested in:
#1 Service-learning (34%)
#2 Community service (23%)
#3 Community-based/Action-based research (18%)
Q6 Most important things student leaders gain from the conference:
#1 Gaining specific ideas to strengthen your programs and efforts (33%)
#2 Gaining inspiration from speakers and from meeting others doing similar work (24%)
#3 Networking with committed/engaged students from other campuses (23%)
Q7 Most important things administrators gain from the conference:
#1 Gaining specific ideas to strengthen your programs and efforts (45%)
#2 Ideas for how to best support student leadership and involvement (22%)
#3 Networking with peers from other campuses (18%)
Q8 Some of the top categories of ways we could improve the conference include:
-An administrators track/more value for administrators
– More advanced workshops
Q9 Recommendations for letting more people know about the conference
– Email + letting more people know about it sooner and more often
– Leveraging networks both national and regional, Campus Compact, NASPA, etc
– More leverage of listserves and Facebook