The Impact of IMPACT

Hear what others have to say about the IMPACT Conference:

“This is my first time at the IMPACT Conference and I am so glad I came! The best workshop I attended was ‘What Good Will I Do?: Understanding Your Call to Serve.’ The discussion we had forced me to think critically about the impact of my service in a way I have never done before.  I look forward to continuing my education of social justice and how I can IMPACT my community.” – Nikita D., UGA, Service Ambassador

“Impact workshops have been a lot of fun and it’s a very good experience.  I have learned a lot!”

“It is so nice to be around so many people that actually care and want to make a difference!”

“IMPACT is awesome. Very inclusive and inspiring”

“This was an amazing experience.  Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to attend this conference.”

“I think that the IMPACT conference has been very inspirational. I have definitely learned a lot of interesting things that I otherwise would have never learned.  Great job in coordinating this conference!”

“I have had some awesome discussions the past couple of days. I have gained great insight on retaining and recruiting volunteers.  I enjoyed all of my workshops and was able to take something away from each. The full conference speakers were amazing!!”

“IMPACT has recharged my love for service.”

“The best conference I attended for students.”

“I would tell anyone if they get the chance to come to this conference, definitely do it!”