Submit a Workshop Proposal


You should only be on this page if you have been given access to it by the Planning Committee.

The proposal form is at the bottom of this page.  If you are interested in presenting a workshop at the IMPACT Conference, please read the information below (details, tracks, and process), then scroll down to fill out the workshop proposal form

The Details

All workshop presenters are required to register and pay for the conference.

  • Workshop blocks: There are six workshop blocks. Each one will feature about 12-15 elective choices, and attendees are free to choose any workshop in which they are interested.
  • Workshop length: Workshops are 90 minutes long, so please plan accordingly. We hope that all will feature interactive components for participants. See the workshop expectations below for more about the layout of workshops.
  • Number of participants: Most presenters can expect 10 to 45 participants, depending on the appeal of your topic and description. It is important to be creative in your workshop information. You should have your handouts ready for any scenario.
  • AV equipment: Please think carefully about what you request. Often, great workshops feature interactive role plays, discussions, or engaging activities that rely more on facilitation and participation than on PowerPoints or other formal presentations. Please note your AV requests thoroughly in the fields in the database, and also note that we may not be able to accommodate all requests. Wireless access and LCD projectors will be reserved for workshops on which the sucess of the session depends on those tools being present.
  • Other materials: We will have flipchart paper and markers on-hand for presenters, as well as some other general supplies. You will be able to pick these up at check-in at the conference.


The Tracks

The IMPACT Conference aims to offer a diverse array of workshops connected to the broad themes of service, activism, and social justice. We hope that workshops in each block will cover a gamut of themes, issues, and levels of experience.

In the program, we will also feature a designation of workshops according to six tracks. Each track may have several offerings that stand out to participants looking to learn more about these topics:

  • Action (Service): This track features workshops on components and strategies for building strong service programs, such as recruitment, retention, training, program structure, evaluation/outcomes, funding and organizational sustainability, and strategic partnerships.
  • Connecting Action and the Classroom (Service-Learning): This track features workshops on ways to connect community engagement with your academic work, including working with community partners, teaching pedagogy, service-learning and community-based participatory research, building research questions, reflection, engaging departments, and working with faculty.
  • The Politics of Your Work (Politics, Policy, and Advocacy): This track will feature workshops on how to take your work and influence decision-makers from the local level to the White House.
  • Changing the World 3.0 (Technology): With so many digital ways to impact the world, this new track will provide one collective space for those interested in using technology to enhance their work. Workshops will revolve around using technology to advance your work (i.e. using Facebook, web-based outreach, building community online, etc.).
  • Taking on the Issues (Issue-Based Workshops): This track features workshops on countering racism, classism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice; environmental justice; addressing domestic poverty; international public health; economic justice; addressing climate change; education policy; hunger and homelessness; and other topics.
  • Leading Your Work (Management and Skill-Based Workshops): This track features workshops on leadership development, management skills, nonprofit career paths, and graduate education. This track will also include “how-to” topics such as how to write a press release, how to create a budget, and many others.
  • Administrator-Focused (Admin): While not a full-fledged track, there will also be a special designation for workshop targeted at administrators of campus programs.


The Process

    • Just use the form below to submit your workshop. Because of the volume of submissions, no other formats for submissions will be accepted.
    • You may hear from a workshop committee member if there are questions about your submission or incomplete information. However, please try to be complete in your submission, especially with presenter names and contact information.