Workshop Proposal Tips

1. Begin with the End in Mind: by the end of your workshop, what will participants gain in knowledge, awareness and skills?

2. Think outside the box: how will your presentation be unique or different from other conference sessions?

3. Remember the different learners: what strategies and activities will you use to engage the audience and appeal to different learning styles?

3. Make your topic relevant: why is your topic valuable to service, advocacy, and social change and how will the audience carry this information forward?

4. Clearly identify the theme of the workshop and the associated learning level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Example: if you want to share best practices in non-profit grant finding and writing, then your topic will likely fall under “Career Development and Skills Track” and “Intermediate”

5. Have a title that is relevant to your workshop content, but also grabs people’s attention.

6. Building on your strengths: build a program around a topic you have invested time into, have experience with, and can present about with passion.  Also, make sure to highlight this experience and your unique perspective in your proposal.

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