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Learn more about IMPACT 2016 award recipients!

The IMPACT National Conference would like to recognize the following individuals and programs for their outstanding contributions in our field. These awards winners were nominated by their peers and selected by a committee of IMPACT Board members.  The 2016 award winners are:

Action Program of the Year: Iowa State University.

Using a web-based tool called GivePulse, the group from Iowa has established an infrastructure to resolve the complex issue of tracking service and volunteering, while also overcoming other common barriers to volunteering and service learning. They successfully piloted the use of GivePulse with ISU courses, community partners, and now ISU student clubs and organizations and the ISU Greek community. The growth and popularity of the system shows that students and organizations want (and need) tools to facilitate engagement and outreach. They have grown the Iowa State Volunteer Portal (VoPo) from just the team members to over 1,350 Iowa State student members and are now working to provide more opportunities for students interested in contributing to community-based programming.

Visit Iowa State University’s VoPo here:  https://www.givepulse.com/group/5616-Iowa-State-University-Volunteer-Portal-VoPo

Service Program of the Year: Southern New Hampshire University.

Southern New Hampshire University is recognized for their work with the Outreach Association. Among other programs, The Outreach Association has recently seen a need in their community and worked to meet that need. The Outreach Associate has begun to work with the Culinary Department at Southern New Hampshire University, to make food for children in the Manchester, New Hampshire area. After learning that children who attend the Kids Café, sponsored by the Salvation Army in Manchester, NH, are fed after school, but not on weekends and holidays, the group decided to do something. So, the group reached out to a chef in the culinary department, and began to make foods for the children at Kids Cafe during school breaks. Although this is a fairly new program, it has been very successful and will continue to expand over time.

Visit The Outreach Association at Southern New Hampshire University here: https://www.facebook.com/The-Outreach-Association-at-SNHU-122357257816704/

Advocacy Program of the Year: University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire.

The University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire is recognized for their work with The Human Trafficking Abolitionists (HTA). From its conception HTA has brought together passionate student activists motivated to take action. The HTA’s mission is to raise awareness about human trafficking on our campus and in our community. Over the years the HTA has educated its members, its campus, and the community about human trafficking and other human rights abuses. They have mobilized members through empowerment to reach out to the community and use resources available to them to create change.

In addition to winning the Advocacy Program of the Year, our Students of the Year award was given to Nicole Hanto and Briana Sweeney, the two students who lead The Human Trafficking Abolitionists (HTA) program at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire.

Visit the Human Trafficking Abolitionists at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire here: https://www.facebook.com/UW-Eau-Claire-Human-Trafficking-Abolitionists-145751952198210/

To learn more about Nicole Hanto and Briana Sweeney click here: https://www.uwec.edu/news/news/social-work-majors-work-to-raise-awareness-about-human-trafficking-1129

John Sarvey Administrator of the Year Award: Neia Gardner.


Neia has been a long standing partner of the IMPACT National Conference through her work with Oxfam America.  However, her work with college students and administrators reaches far beyond her role there.  Neia is someone who connects easily with those she serves and she has served as a mentor for social action and advocacy for many, many years.

Visit Oxfam on the web: https://www.oxfamamerica.org/

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