Sponsorship Components

More Details on Sponsorship Components

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Opportunities Fair: Each year, the most energizing and exciting events of the weekend are the multiple Opportunities Fair sessions. This fair is much like a traditional exhibit hall, but with higher energy and more opportunity for sponsors to talk with students, campus administrators, and other nonprofit professionals about their work. There are several periods of time scheduled throughout the weekend for sponsors to table at the fair, and it is a great occasion to talk about your organization’s work and ways for conference attendees to get involved. The best part of the Opportunities Fair is that the slots scheduled for this conference feature are dedicated times—there are no other events happening during that time, so conference attendees are free to browse the tables without having to take other programmatic elements into account.

Campus Administrator Networking Event: The Campus Administrator Networking Event is a time carved out especially for conference sponsors to connect with those folks who work on campuses (mostly in community services, service-learning, civic engagement, or career services offices). While we definitely want conference sponsors to connect with students throughout the weekend, this event offers a unique opportunity to connect with folks who are working on campuses in long-term capacities, and who often advise students about the plethora of opportunities to get involved with social change initiatives.

Flash Drive: Rather than providing conference attendees with tote bags stuffed with paper advertisements from conference sponsors, we go a more environmentally-friendly and technologically-savvy route. We will be providing all conference attendees a flash drive with one sponsor logo on the outside and an abundance of sponsor materials on the inside. These flash drives will serve as a prime place to let attendees know a bit more about your organization’s work, and they will also travel back home with attendees to their respective campuses—creating additional visibility for your organization.

T-Shirt: Conference t-shirts are the staple of any good student-oriented conference, and we’re no exception! All conference attendees will receive a t-shirt at registration with your logo printed on it. There is only one t-shirt sponsor, so you can be sure that your logo will grab attention. Conference attendees will take these t-shirts back to their campuses with them, ensuring that your logo will have the eyes of students across the country.

Printed Program: The printed program is the guide to any well-organized conference. It is the companion booklet that helps attendees make decisions about which workshops to attend and where to find meals. Your logo could be on the back of that program, for all eyes to see—and with no other advertising competition whatsoever! The program is distributed to every conference attendee.

Signage: There are several opportunities to post or project signage with your organization’s logo in the registration area and during the opening session of the conference. These two locations ensure that your organization will get visibility from all conference attendees during two exciting portions of the weekend!

Facebook Group: We all know that Facebook is dominating the college social market, and we’re using the Facebook platform to connect with student attendees before, during, and after the event. The conference Facebook group will be a place for dialogue and a space for making connections with other participants—your logo can be added to this group for all to see, along with a link to your website.

Terms and Conditions of Sponsorship

Sponsorship at the IMPACT Conference is geared toward nonprofit organizations that embrace social change and toward companies that embrace socially-responsible practices and policies. Sponsorship of the event is limited to these two categories, and more detail is available if your organization/company is not sure whether it fits these guidelines.

Participation in the IMPACT Conference is expected to be courteous and respectful. The conference attracts individuals and organizations which represent a wide variety of views and ideologies — meaningful dialogue is encouraged, but disrespectful confrontation is not tolerated. Challenging others’ viewpoints and asking questions is a hallmark of the conference, but must be undertaken in a spirit of respect and cooperation.

(all sponsors have the option to donate their complimentary registration to a college student participant for the 2012 conference)

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